Solar Energy Development Programs

In today’s global economy, the need for alternative energy is undisputed. Our goal is to bring renewable energy to commercial and public facilities and to encourage energy independence and security.

TLR Energy provides energy solutions to property owners at little or no cost. Government incentives, grants and tax credits, combined with a percentage of investor capital creates a long term income generating vehicle that will provide relatively risk free returns yearly, resulting in fixed utility costs.

TLR Energy’s Unique PV Approach

Through our start-to-finish seamless design, delivery and service of solar electric power solutions for businesses, municipalities and landowners, TLR Energy:

  • Assesses the feasibility of a photovoltaic (PV) solution for your specific energy needs.
  • Designs a PV system for your custom requirements.
  • Provides a turnkey financing package for a PV system at minimal or no cost to the end user.
  • Installs the PV system through approved PV installers, compliant with building codes and local regulations.

TLR Energy offers many options for commercial installations: Direct Purchase, Financing, and Power Purchase Agreement.

Direct purchase allows customers to realize the fastest return on their investment and years of free power. Requirement: Purchase of the energy system.

Financing allows customers to experience years of free power (fewer than “Direct Purchase”) without the initial capital outlay.

Power Purchase Agreement customers grant TLR Energy the right to utilize rooftops or other real estate for the placement of a solar array. In exchange for this right, the customer receives a long term contract for electric power at peak hours for a fixed price, which is less than that being charged by the utility provider. This creates a fixed and discounted energy cost, mitigating future energy price increases. TLR Energy owns and maintains the array and is responsible for power generation. TLR Energy sells the electricity generated by the array and recoups over time the cost of the array. There is no capital outlay for the customer in this arrangement.

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Solar Energy Development Program

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Project Development Facilitation

In 2011 TLR Energy begins distributing a solar-powered portable Medi-fridge to remote locations without access to electricity in South Africa... more