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Michael Thaler, President, Environmental Markets Group, TLR Energy, is a knowledgeable expert on an alternative and renewable energy – solar, wind, hydro and biodiesel- and is a frequent speaker, moderator and panelist at energy conferences. He believes that education bridges the gap of trust and can accelerate learning and savings. The insightful quotes from pioneering scholars, authors, government officials and business executives below can serve as springboards to further study:


"Half the world's tropical and temperate forests are now gone. The rate of deforestation in the tropics continues at about an acre a second. About half the wetlands and a third of the mangroves are gone. An estimated 90% of the large fish are gone...20% of the corals are gone."

-James Gustave Speth

Environmental Lawyer and Advocate, past Chair of Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science


"China alone intends to construct more than forty large airports over the next several years. In the U.S., the number of annual airline passengers is expected to double by 2025. Greenhouse gases from planes could rise to as much as 5x current levels."

-Thomas Friedman

Journalist, The New York Times


"300 million people live in forested areas worldwide, more than 1.6 billion people rely on forest resources for their, full, partial and/or economic subsistence. Globally, deforestation and forest degradation generates 17.4% of carbon emissions."


Management of natural resources for sustainable development


"The Future is not what it used to be."

-Paul Valery 1871-1944

French poet essayist, philosopher 1871-1944


"The ranks of the middle class will swell by as many as 1.8 Billion in the next 12 years."

-Moses Naim

Editor-in-chief Foreign Policy magazine


"We are about to enter a new era in which, each year, less net energy will be available to humankind, regardless of our efforts or choices. Society must engage in a crash program of truly radical conservation if we are to avoid economic and humanitarian catastrophe as industrialism comes to its inevitable end."

-Richard Heinberg

Author, The Post Carbon Reader


"One species is now going extinct every 20 minutes, which is 1000x faster than the norm during most of the earth's history."

-Conservation International



"1.6 billion people - one out of four people on the planet - don't have regular access to an electric grid."

-World Bank

assisting 100+ developing countries


"1.4 billion people will still lack access to electricity in 2030."

-International Energy Agency



"The life contest is primarily a competition for available energy."

-Ludwig Boltzmann

Austrian physicist 1844-1906


"Take energy consumption in the world each day and convert it into oil equivalent, we are consuming 10 million barrels of oil an hour."

-David O'Reilly

Chevron CEO


"America consumes over 21 million barrels of crude oil per day, with more than half being imported."

-Thomas Friedman

Jounalist, The New Yotk Times


"In the past 5 years the wind industry has grown at an average annual rate of 24% and the solar photovoltaic has grown at an average annual rate of over 40%.”

-Richard Asplund

professional investment analyst and advisor


"Renewable energy accounts for only 6.8% of total U.S. energy consumption.”

-U.S Energy Information Administration



"We must reduce Green House Gas emissions in the most cost effective manner, this is with an effective Cap and Trade program."

-Peter Fusaro

Founder, Energy Hedgefund Center


"We are smarter than a dinosaur, but we will end up in a museum if we don't prove it."

-Madeline Albright

Former Secretary of State and Ambassador to the UN



Solar Energy Development Program

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