Energy Procurement Programs

Deregulation of the electricity, natural gas, and oil markets throughout much of the U.S.* makes it possible to shop for energy supply prices from dozens of qualified suppliers.

TLR Energy provides a FREE ENERGY RATE analysis based on existing energy use patterns and historical costs. We help you minimize your exposure to market price volatility by identifying the right price offer (fixed price, index, block + index). At the same time, we minimize the environmental impact of your energy consumption, by offering you green energy alternatives.

Our price stabilization programs guarantee that your energy rates will not increase for a period of up to 3 years. The advantages to your business include:

  • Fixed electricity and gas rates
  • Increased ability to budget energy expenditures
  • Increased savings
  • Improved cash flow
  • Protection from energy market volatility

Contact TLR Energy for your free Energy Rate Analysis:

*Deregulation for electricity, gas or both is available in 28 states. For details about your state, see

Energy Management Strategies

An effective Energy Management Plan starts with an accurate energy audit. TLR Energy performs energy efficiency audits, recommends actions to reduce energy consumption and offers site specific solutions for your facility. We know from experience that most properties can dramatically increase comfort and enjoy cost savings by addressing a small number of key, low cost areas. The TLR Energy Efficiency Audit Report details your current energy consumption, air leaks, insulation levels, efficiency of the HVAC system and specifies immediate remedial measures that you can take to improve comfort and energy efficiency while reducing your operating costs.

Implementing your unique TLR Energy Audit Report will:

  • Offset the cost of the audit through improved energy savings
  • Allow you to take advantage of available tax credits/deductions
  • Benefit the environment by consuming less energy

Energy Management Systems

TLR Energy offers clients Energy Management Systems that reduce your facility’s dependence on utility power, renders energy cost reductions and mitigates your carbon footprint. Energy recommendations include:

*Spec sheet in development



Solar Energy Development Program

Local Reporting Compliance

Project Development Facilitation

In 2011 TLR Energy begins distributing a solar-powered portable Medi-fridge to remote locations without access to electricity in South Africa... more