TLR Energy provides a wide range of services and programs on a pre-defined and custom basis:

Energy Bill Analysis Energy, Procurement and Savings: Through an extensive analysis of your monthly electricity and gas bills, our team identifies areas of cost reduction. Our broad network of electricity, gas and renewable energy suppliers allow us to negotiate for the best available rates, ensuring that your company receives a competitive quote. In deregulated states* energy packages can be locked in from 1-5 years, reducing the risk of possible rate increases in the future.

Energy Efficiency Projects: Our efficiency experts will perform a site walk-through to assess your current energy consumption, air leaks, insulation levels, HVAC system. This Energy Efficiency Audit will specify energy management strategies and immediate remedial measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Renewable Energy, Recs and Srecs: You can elect to buy renewable energy and/or invest in renewable energy projects, whether solar, wind, hydro, biodiesel, etc. Recs (Renewable Energy Credits) and Srecs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) are available. Renewable energy certification will also help your company solidify its brand image within the communities it serves.

Sustainability Reporting: the average company receives between 10-35 survey requests annually, from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Change and Emissions Survey to the Dow Jones Sustainability Survey, and we can help you complete them and/or customize a sustainability report just for your company. Assistance in completing the NYC Local Law #84 Benchmarking for Energy and Water for businesses with 50,000 sq. ft. which is due to the Mayor’s office by May 1, 2011, or for other local, state or federal requirements, is also available.

Renewable Energy Project Financing and Management: providing expert analysis of current costs and energy management options, we can execute trades, negotiate transactions and secure a fair value for your brokering needs. Project management services include feasibility studies and project financing.

If you would like to receive a FREE ENERGY RATE ANALYSIS or more information about how TLR Energy can help your business reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency, complete sustainability or regulatory benchmarking reports, or financing for renewable energy projects, please call (866) 284-5597, or send an e-mail to

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Solar Energy Development Program

Local Reporting Compliance

Project Development Facilitation

In 2011 TLR Energy begins distributing a solar-powered portable Medi-fridge to remote locations without access to electricity in South Africa... more