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TLR Energy is a leading energy management consulting firm, uniquely providing expertise in both energy procurement and energy efficiency for commercial businesses. TLR Energy was founded in 1990 to broker and trade energies and was one of the pioneers of the implementation of natural gas trading on NYMEX. With over 20 years brokering and trading energy futures and options, you can be confident in our ability to provide expert analysis, facilitate and execute trades, negotiate and consummate transactions and contracts at a fair value.

TLR Energy continues to be at the forefront of the dynamic energy market, providing a team of consultants and analysts with deep energy knowledge and experience who provide up to the minute solutions for your cost savings, investment, compliance reports and sustainability projects. TLR Energy is also internationally recognized as an expert in financing renewable energy projects for solar, wind, hydro and biodiesel.

Our mission is to optimize your energy expenditures and increase the value of the facilities you manage, helping you identify and achieve improvements with demonstrable, reportable returns. Our work is based on Energy Procurement Strategies and Energy Portfolio Management best practices. TLR Energy will demonstrate that energy cost savings, stability and ROI can be achieved when working with an organization of integrity and strength.

What people are saying...

"TLR helped us reduce our energy costs by almost 20 percent.
Plus, we've gone green!"

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In 2011 TLR Energy begins distributing a solar-powered portable Medi-fridge to remote locations without access to electricity in South Africa... more